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British Nationality

Unless you can acquire British Nationality via your birth or descent, you will most likely need to qualify under the British Naturalisation process. The granting of a Certificate of Naturalisation is at the discretion of the Home Office and there are criteria that need to be met. All candidates must:

* Residency requirements

You can meet the residency requirements in one of two ways - the 'five year rule', and the 'three year rule'. To qualify for the three year rule, you need to be the spouse of a British citizen.

Five year rule

The residency requirements to qualify for under the five year rule are as follows.

Three year rule

The residency requirements to qualify for under the three year rule are as follows.

Please note that for either type of application process, you do not need to ensure that the application reaches the Home Office on the exact day you complete three or five years respectively. The application can reach the Home Office at any time after your qualifying period as long as you still meet the criteria listed.

If you do not meet the residency requirements, or wish to have our assistance in submitting an application for you, please contact us.

British Nationality