UK has outlined it’s position for EU nationals in the UK, but still nothing from EU on Britons in the EU.


The International Bar association notes that Home Secretary Sajid Javid feels the EU is taking too long to disclose plans for Britons living in the EU.

Migrate’s immigration analyst Karen Kaur was asked by Internation Bar to comment.  Read the full article here:



180 day free travel for science industries unlikely





Karen Kaur was interviewed Emily Burt in People Management.


Visa free travel for skilled workers in a single sector is unlikely to be approved. Sectors beyond the science industries have also been affected by EU nationals leaving the UK because of the threat of a rigorous post-Brexit visa process.


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Karen Kaur leads critics of Brexit Whitepaper

Front page lead story for HR magazine, Karen Kaur speaks to Rachel Muller-Heyndyk.

Employers have indicated that the complicated and expensive procedure for the visa applications have influenced employer and employee decisions on whether to stay in the UK or return to the EU.  And the Whitepaper has not addressed the position for employee’s families.

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