Will lifting the Tier 2 visa restrictions for NHS workers ease the strain for other sectors?

Simon Creasley from HR Magazine talks to Migrate UK’s immigration analyst Karen Kaur on the easing of the Tier 2 visa cap for NHS staff and how it will take time before we see a knock on effect of this reform to other sectors being able to get more Tier 2 visas approved.

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Results from Migrate UK’s survey captures interest from media!

Migrate UK commissioned a survey of 1,000 human resources directors and there have been some surprising results.

Independent newspaper began the coverage with this article:



Also quoted in Business Leader and Yahoo Finance


Are UK companies paying up to £100,000 in extra incentives to retain EU workers?

Are employers ready for a digitally focused immigration process?

The report – The progress of the UK’s negotiations on EU withdrawal: the rights of UK and EU citizens – has some employers concerned about a proposed digital-only settled status system.

Hayley Kirton from People Management asked Migrate’s Karen Kaur for her comments.

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