Government announces PhD and research roles to be exempt from visa caps

In a move to encourage research and development in the UK, the government has announced PhD-level roles will be eliminated completely from visa caps .

HR magazine sought out Migrate’s MD for comment.

Jonathan Beech believes the announcement should be welcomed by employers.

“It gives employers the opportunity to act much more quickly. Whereas previously you might have to wait weeks it’s possible to be able to use one of your quota and issue a visa within a matter of days.”

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UK looks beyond EU – migration from south Asian countries increases 30 per cent

Francis Churchill from People Management has examined
registrations for National Insurance numbers, comparing 2017 figures with 2018. The registrations indicate a decrease in EU workers and an increase in migrants from south Asian countries. People Management interviewed Migrate’s senior immigration consultant Karen Kaur.

“Migrate UK has seen an increase in the number of intra-company transfers from Asia.”

“While the statistics echoed last week’s National Audit Office report showing a drop in EU migration, it was also a positive sign that despite Brexit concerns, the UK was still able to find the skills it needed elsewhere.”

“[Businesses] are trying to make a conscious effort to find somebody within the UK. But if people are not available, and EU nationals are saying they don’t want to stay for these roles, that doesn’t mean we’re not able to pick up the skills from the rest of the world.

“I think we’re finding that although [Brexit has] stopped a lot of EU nationals coming to the UK, it hasn’t stopped the rest of the world.”

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Government reforms Tier 2 visa to encourage non EEA nurses, paramedics, teachers

The Tier 2 salary threshold for nurses, paramedics, medical radiographers and some secondary school teachers will now need to meet a salary rate of £20,800.

People Management asked Migrate’s MD Jonathan Beech for his view on this change.

“Whilst these reforms are positive, in the long-term wages will need to rise to match the skill level of the roles outlined in the reform”

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ONS statistics – Brexit uncertainty significantly impacting on the rate talent is leaving the UK

Personnel Today interviewed Jonathan Beech asking for his opinion on the findings from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

With EU net migration falling to a level last seen in 2009, Jonathan believes the ONS statistics evidence uncertainty caused by Brexit.

Migrate UK has seen a six-fold increase in employees asking for advice. And many UK employers have come under a lot of pressure from investors to consider relocating outside the EU.

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