Are you concerned about keeping your internal Human Resources and Immigration team up-to-date with the latest legislation and sponsor licence duties?

Our experienced team of trainers can compliment your staff’s own skills and knowledge, providing information to those working in immigration as and when it is needed. Our training is tailor made to your individual needs and we are capable of training individuals, as well as small or large groups by means of classroom and on-line teaching methods, as well as seminars and forums.

We understand the difficulty in remaining compliant with ever-changing regulations, some of which are rarely publicised. The way in which immigration is handled by the media in the UK renders it very difficult to understand the changes relating to corporate migration and the implications of these for staff and recruitment strategies. Our training services are carried out by OISC qualified consultants with robust technical acumen, who are used to dealing with sponsor licence compliance issues and knowledge gaps within HR departments.

We aim to make our training as flexible and as captivating as possible, through the use of real life case studies and practice audits.

Our team will ensure that no stone is left unturned and your staff are fully-equipped for any eventuality.